Barista Drinks

Hot Chocolate

Deluxe Hot Chocolate

We offer so many variations of our Hot Chocolates. You can add whatever flavour you wish. The Black Forest is particularly fabulous!!

Hot Chocolate

We use a very special Fairtrade and Organic Cocoa for our milk Hot Chocolate So rich, full of flavour and topped with some very special Gold Dust


You can also choose to have this as a Mocha. So good!!

White Chocolate

How stunning does this White Hot Chocolate look??? It is so smooth with a velvet texture, topped with Gold Dust. You can also choose to have this as a Mocha. So good!!

Our Fabulous FairTrade Coffee

All our drinks are available to takeaway


Look at that Crema on our fabulous Americano!!! We use our House Blend for the Americano, making it strong and punchy. You can have it black, with milk or even with cream.

Flat White

This Flat White is made with our Signature Blend. Full of flavour and perfect for the smoothness of the Flat White Milk


The Cappuccino is my favourite Barista drink to make. So gorgeously smooth, rich and topped with Gold Dust. Typically made with our Speciality Blend but can be made with our House Blend if you like your coffee with a bit of a kick!! Did you know that you can also choose to have Cinnamon on the top?? Simply request it when you order it. I am no longer allowed to use the cinnamon after sprinkling it far too liberally thinking that you need to use the same amount as the Gold Dust.......


Our Latte's are made with the House Blend to ensure you get the full roasted flavour of the Coffee alongside wonderful steamed flat milk.


Suki Tea Peppermint

This is Loose Leaf Tea at its best. The flavour shown is Peppermint.

Suki Tea 2

Flavours such as Earl Grey with Blue Flower, Breakfast Tea and also Red Berry are available.